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This guide provides quick and easy access to library resources for Rhetoric assignments as well as guidance on getting research and writing help.

Strategies for Finding Statistics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Use the strategies and sources in the infographic below to get started finding statistics.

Strategies for Finding Statistics (Accessible View)

Before beginning a search, identify:

Timeline and Location

  • What time period are you interested in?
  • What geographic location are you interested in?
  • Statistics take time to collect and compile, so the most recently available data for a given topic may be older than you wish. 
  • For example, the most recent U.S. Census data is from 2010.

Publishers and Producers

  • Who would have an interest in collecting this information?
  • Publishers of statistics include government agencies, private corporations, industries, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. 
  • If you can't identify a potential publisher of information, statistics on your topic may be difficult to find.  

Places to Find Statistics:

Government Agencies

Library Databases

Web Sources

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