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BADM 395: IS/OM Practicum

This resource guide has been created by Becky Smith for BADM 395

Welcome to the BADM 395: Tech Mgmt Practicum LibGuide

This Libguide is designed specifically for you, the College of Business student. It will help you quickly get started with your research. Google is great but not all information is free or openly available.  Here, you can find introductions to various kinds of library databases with instructions on how to search, tips on search strategies, and recommended resources for conducting research. We also distinguish what you can find on the open Net. 

Bookmark this page, and you will find it a good friend whenever you need help or inspiration. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Business Information Services at

BIS team:

Becky Smith 
Associate Professor, BIS Librarian  

Zoe Revell 
Library Operations Associate  

Cordelia Grob
Graduate Assistant

Resources & Strategies for IS/OM Practicum

Easy Search - Business

Easy Search - Business, located on the Business Information Services Homepage, is a search and discovery tool that allows users to simultaneously search multiple article databases and indexing and abstracting services. The default settings of Easy Search (Multi-subject Resources selected in the pull-down menu) includes general  business databases and resources that serve as a starting point to help users discover information about research topics. Easy Search is by no means intended to be comprehensive since information about topics can be found in multiple databases.


  • When I click on the database link provided in this guide, I see this.  What do I do?
    • A: Select the one that reads Online Full Text and Click the Go icon.

  • When I'm away from campus, and I click on the database or resource link, I get a pop-up asking me for my Illinois Net ID and Password.  Is this usual?  A:  It is.  You are using the database via a server that authorizes you to use it.   Once you've logged in,  you can use a number of databases.  However, if you leave the window open and don't use it after 10-15 minutes, it "times out" and requires you to log on again.
  • Can I search the databases like I use Google?   A:  Yes and No.   You can use "key words" as you do with Google, but as these are indexed with subjects or business terms, you should think of synonyms.  But when searching with country terms, for example, you have to type the country's given name and not necessarily the acronym (DNC, vs Congo).    The advantage of using a database that the library subscribes to is that it helps target/narrow the search and not get too many results to wade through.