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Finding Images: Moving Images

How and where to find images and moving images online and through library databases.

YouTube and .gif

As technology changes, so does recording and displaying media. If you're looking for something fun (or even something serious), do not forget the wide world of YouTube. Just remember to check copyright restrictions!

Through YouTube, you can search for almost anything. Forgotten television show clips and people using catapults are highlights of this video search engine, but YouTube is now being used for educational resources as well. 

Here at the Undergraduate Library, we recommend YouTube EDU for short educational videos, MinutePhysics for physics and other sciences, The Brain Scoop for women in science, natural history, and biology, and CrashCourse for a little bit of everything.

Moving images can also be pure fun, as the .gif form has shown. If you're interested in searching for these exciting tidbits, try Giphy for all your .gif needs.

Moving Images and Videos

If you're looking for more digital videos and moving images, check out the Finding Digital Videos guide.

American Memory Collection: Library of Congress
Several hundred early motion pictures viable and searchable in the Library's American Memory collections through the Library of Congress.
BBC Motion Gallery
Searchable gallery of the videos recorded by and for the BBC. Ranging from stock footage to archival to natural history and more.
Moving Image Archive: Internet Archive
Searchable database of moving images, from full length movies to short cartoons. In partnership with the Open Library.

Museum of the Moving Image
Gateway to more tha 400 resources on finding moving images, movies, films, and digital media.

Searchable online database of videos. Similar to YouTube. Formerly called Truveo.

PBS Video
Videos and movies ranging from documentaries to Downton Abbey and including educational programming.

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