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Finding Images: Science and Technology

How and where to find images and moving images online and through library databases.

See for yourself

Want to see some of the amazing science images yourself? 

UIUC's Department of Astronomy offers three great options to view the sky with your own eyes:

Sign up for a planetarium session, and see the night sky in motion.

Check in on the Astronomy Department's night observation events and dates, and see the stars up close through the campus observatory!

The daytime is just as interesting as the nighttime. Keep an eye on solar observation days to see some spectacularly bright images (properly filtered).

Science and Technology

NASA Photojournal
Includes images of space, the planets, and NASA's explorations of the galaxy.
Includes images, videos, and audio of some of NASA's most amazing projects.

National Geographic
Images, information, and videos about the world, including science, technology, history, travel, and more.

National Museum of American History 
Website features a database of high-quality photographs related mostly to the history of science, although much of the collection is of general historical interest.

Natural Hazards Image Database
The National Geophysical Data Center archives and assimilates tsunami, earthquake and volcano data to support research, planning. response and mitigation. This is their photo collection.

NOAA Photo Library
The NOAA Photo Library has been built so as to capture the work, observations, and studies that are carried on by the scientists, engineers, commissioned officers, and administrative personnel that make up this complex and scientifically diverse agency (National Oceanic and Atmopheric Administration).

Science and Society Picture Library
The Science and Society Picture Library represent the visual content of the UK's National Museums of Science and Industry. The trio of museums are London's Science Museum, the National Railway Museum and the National Media Museum.

Smithsonian Institution Image Collections
Search over 8.52 million catalog records of museum objects, and library & archives materials. More than 963,000 of these records contain online images, video and sound files, electronic journals and other online resources.

USGS image Gallery
The USGS Video and Image Gallery is the one-stop collection of videos, photography, and other imagery for the US Geological Survey dept. All items in this gallery are considered public domain.

Visible Earth 
A database of NASA images covering a wide-range of science-related fields and features many original satellite photos. Browse by topic or geographic region.

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