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Introduction to Prezi: Prezi Classic

This guide accompanies the Savvy Researcher workshop, "An Introduction to Prezi." Prezi is a presentation software that uses "motion, zoom, and spatial relationships" to make your visual presentation more dynamic.

Prezi Next vs. Prezi Classic

In the spring of 2017, Prezi announced their newest platform called Prezi Next. This software is still browser based, but runs on HTML5, allowing for different functionality than the previous version of Prezi, which is now being referred to as Prezi Classic.

Because it runs on HTML5, Prezi Next has stricter browser requirements than Prezi Classic.

Adding Prezi Next to Your Account

If you had a Prezi account before Prezi Next was released, Prezi Next will be added when you log in.

If you just made a Prezi account, (After April 2017) you're in luck- you will get access to Prezi Next automatically!


But Wait! I Want to try Prezi Classic

If you made a Prezi account after April 2017, but would still like to have access to Prezi Classic templates, the PreziBase website offers a quick activation link to add Prezi Classic to your account.

Switching Between Prezi Classic and Prezi Next

Once you have both Prezi Next and Prezi Classic, you can switch between the two using the drop-down menu in the upper left of your Prezi workspace, as seen below.

Pros and Cons- Which Should I Use?

Prezi Classic Prezi Next
Allows a free download of the desktop or mobile apps Requires a paid account to get the desktop app
Allows you to make presentations from scratch, starting with a blank template Requires you to select a template, but there are more graphically interesting templates to choose from
Allows you to download presentations as a static PDF file Better, more intuitive interface for editing presentations
Templates are less structured, too much 'zooming' can be overwhelming More premium features (if you pay)


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