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Introduction to Prezi: Organizing

This guide accompanies the Savvy Researcher workshop, "An Introduction to Prezi." Prezi is a presentation software that uses "motion, zoom, and spatial relationships" to make your visual presentation more dynamic.

Adding and Adjusting Connectors

Topics are arranged by connectors.

Connectors define the progression of the presentation. If you move a topic, the connectors attached to it adjust automatically. 

To change the order of topics, drag and drop using the left sidebar. 

This will automatically re-adjust the topics and their connectors.

Adding Animations

Animations can be added to sections or topics. There are two options: fading and zooming. They are designed to help focus the presentation for the audience. 

To add fading to a topic, select the topic, right click and select "Add Animation." You can select fade in or fade out on the right side bar. 

Once you've added animations, you can click on the "Animations" button on the context toolbar to see the animations overview. To re-order, drag and drop the animation on the sidebar. To delete animations, right click on the specific animation and select "remove animation."

Another animation feature is zooming. To use this, select "add zooming area." 

A blue box will appear on your presentation. Drag the corner to adjust the size and location. These can be re-ordered and removed the same way as fading animations.

Having trouble with Frames?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base!  Their section on Frames is very helpful!

Having trouble adding Paths?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base! Their section on Paths offers advice for how to create paths that help determine your presentation order.

Want to know more about Animation?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base! Their section on Animation is very helpful!