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Introduction to Prezi: Presenting

This guide accompanies the Savvy Researcher workshop, "An Introduction to Prezi." Prezi is a presentation software that uses "motion, zoom, and spatial relationships" to make your visual presentation more dynamic.

Presenting Your Prezi

Now it's time to present your Prezi! You can present right from the Prezi dashboard:

Or from the editing screen: 

Both take you straight into your presentation. There are a couple of ways to move through your presentation from here. 

You can click through using the arrows on the bottom of the presentation or use your keyboard arrows. You can also zoom into a topic by clicking on the topic, and back out by using the small arrow on the bottom left hand corner of the presentation.

Important Note: Downloading presentations and Prezi Live (which allows you to present remotely) are only available with paid subscriptions. Presenting online is the only option with the free edition.

Adding Collaborators

It's easy to collaborate with others using Prezi Next. While in the editing mode, just click the icon (circled below) on the top right hand corner of the screen. 

Clicking the gray "total collaborators" bar will produce a pop up window that allows you to add collaborators by email address. Just input the email address and click the blue "Add" button!

You can customize the access you want your collaborators to have to your presentation by selecting "can edit," "can comment," or "can present." Once collaborators are added, they will be listed in this window.

Creating a Link

You can also share your presentations by creating a link.

You can do this on the dashboard by clicking into the presentation you want a link for and clicking "Create a new link."

From the editor screen, you can click the icon on the upper right hand corner of the page.

Both options bring up a screen that allows you to "create new link."

This will ask you to enter the title or name of the receiver, then allows you to click "create link" which will take you to the screenshot below. Copy and paste the link into an email or message, and your presentation is shared!