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Research After Graduation: Researching an Academic Institution

Preparing to graduate from the University? The Library can help you through this transition.


IPEDS' College Navigator is geared towards prospective students, rather than employees, but it has in-depth information on an institution that is beneficial for prospective employees. The larger National Center for Education Statistics site has a variety of information that may also be useful to you.

Looking for Additional Resources?

Why Research?

Research employers before you send in your application and before you are called in for an interview.

  • Find out if you want to work with the institution.
  • Employers like applicants who do their research.
  • An institution's website is a promotional piece--it might be incomplete or biased.

Example of an Institution Search

To search for an institution through ABI/Inform, you can follow the steps under the Researching a Company tab.  You will not find as much information in Hoover's and may want to do an additional search at the Department of Education's IPEDS site.

Follow these steps to search for an institution at IPEDS.

Step 1

  • At IPEDS, click College Navigator. Here you can find information on an institution and compare different ones.

Step 2

  • Enter the name of an institution.
  • You can leave the other options blank.
  • Choose "Show Results."


The institution may have several campuses, so you may receive many results. I'm interested in Pennsylvania's main campus, so I'm going to chose the second result.


On the final page, expand the tabs to learn more about the institution, such as the demographics, cost of attendance, degree programs, and graduation rates.