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History 200E: Family, Gender, and Law: Transitions, East and West: V. Other Source Collections

A course guide to library resources.

1. Digital Collections

For a more extensive list of digitized primary source collections, consult our guide to Digital Collections for Historical Research. Below are some collections that might be especially relevant to this course.

2. Other Sources Online

  • The Protestant Family. Articles and advertising images of Protestant American families--a subset of the Duke University collection Ad*Access.
  • Lexadin: World Law Guide  provides texts of laws from many countries.  Click on "Search" in the upper right, choose the "Search for Law" option, and type in "marriage" as the keyword.
  • Foreign Law Research is a guide maintained by the Hauser Global Law School Program at New York University School of Law.  Click on "Foreign Law" to get a list of guides to finding laws and legal resources for specific countries.
  • World Legal Information Institute, sponsored by the Australasian Legal Information Institute, offers research guides on Family Law, Islamic Law, and Women and the Law.  Click on "Subjects" on the lower left side of the screen to get to the list of topical guides.
  • Islamic Family Law (created by Emory Law School with support from the Ford Foundation)  provides surveys of law by region, as well as legal profiles for individual countries.  This site contains a note that it was current as of 2002 (when project funding ran out?). 
  • Women Living Under Muslim Laws is sponsored by the WLUML Network and provides information by and about women living under Muslim laws.    WLULM is an advocacy organization seeking to increase women's autonomy by supporting their struggles and linking them with feminist and progressive groups at large. Some of the group's publications are available as downloads from the site.  It also provides news updates culled from a wide range of foreign and international sources.
  • International Journal of Law, Policy, and the Family is published by Oxford University Press.  The full text of the journal is available online through the Library's Online Research Resources page.  (Type the title of the journal in the search box, then follow the link to Oxford University Press.)  The journal began publication in 1987, and we have online access to all issues.
  • Family Court of Hong Kong Judgments contains judgments of the Family Court of Hong Kong Judgments from 1973 to 2002.  Laws, ordinances, and some government reports are also included.  Click on "Search Judgments" in the upper right and type a keyword (e.g., divorce) in the search box.
  • Family Court of Australia provides full-text judgments of this court from 1982 to the present.  Click on "Database Search" and enter your keyword in the search box.  This site is also sponsored by the Australasian Legal Information Institute and the Law Foundation of New South Wales.

3. Statistics