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Intellectual Property Rights: Introduction

Cover patents, trademarks, unfair competition, copyright and fair use, and international IP protection

News and Updates

IP News

Monthly news magazine archived from July 1997 to June 2002. Disclaimer: This web site was copied prior to January 20, 2005. It is now a Federal record managed by the National Archives and Records Administration. External links, forms, and search boxes may not function within this collection.

USPTO's News and Notice page
Official News Gazettes (back to 1964)

IP Basics

IP Basics

What are Copyright, Patent, Service Marks and Trademarks? Via United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Page, an introduction to basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights.

USPTO's special page for kids. It answers the most frequently asked kids' questions about patents, trademarks and copyrights. It is also a good source for adult beginners to know the basics of IP.

United States Customs Service and IP 
A quick overview of the basics about IP, news releases, and statistics.

IP Overview 
This is a sub-page of Office of International Intellectual Property Enforcement created by the Department of State, providing an overview of IP. 

Inventors Assistance Center (IAC)
A telephone service within the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office for providing information services to the public concerning any general questions regarding patent examining policies and procedures.

How to...
A USPTO sub-page dealing with practical issues such as how to find patents and trademarks, how to get registered...

U.S. Top Schools in Engineering and  IP Law Via US NEWS.

Patent and Trademark Resource Centers
A comprehensive source for official publications on IP issues. 


Related Issues 

Computer Crime and IP 
A subpage from US Department of Justice site, focusing on federal laws and regulations concerning computer crimes. 

Culture and IP issues  
Created by the University of Alaska National Science Foundation Rural School & Community Trust Culture, focusing on Culture and IP issues.

Patent Source links  
This is a subpage of, providing comprehensive links to Patent sources.

University of New Hampshire School of Law IP Mall
"This content includes UNH Law produced papers and scholarship, collections of public domain content not online or spanning time periods before other Web collections, unique dedicated topical portals (e.g. Bayh Dole Central) as well as miscellaneous content from IP Mall users looking for a place to host their works."


Finding Tools


Specialized legal research / Leah F. Chanin, general editor ; with contributions from Joseph James Beard ... [et al.].
UIUC Law Reference, Call Number: KF240. S69 1987

If you chose to use UIUC  Library Catalog, the following Library of Congress Subject Headings are useful:
Patent, Trademark, Competition Unfair, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Patent Laws and Legislation
(Note: there are many other related subject headings. Please contact a Government Documents librarian for assistance)

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