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If you are having trouble figuring this out on your own, stop by the Scholarly Commons and we can assist you with your cloud computing needs, or send us an email.

Box also includes a help and FAQ page that may be able to answer your questions!


Creating folders is a simple way to store like files and manage access permissions for collaborators.  

To create a new folder, click the "New" buttonand select "Folder." Once you have clicked the "New" button, a "Create New Folder" screen will appear. Type in the folder's name, and select your privacy preference. You also have the option to add collaborators, though you can always go back and add collaborators at a later time.

Box Create New Folder Image

You can create an entire hierarchy of folders by repeating the same steps above while in another folder, and you can even limit access restrictions to subfolders. Note that if you give someone access permissions to a higher level folder, they will have permissions for all subfolders underneath that folder.


Box makes it easy to share your work with other collaborators. You can choose who you share with and what their permissions are. There are several options that the owner of a folder can choose for their collaborators. These include options are explained in the following chart:

Box Permissions Image

All collaborators must create a free account in order to work with Box.

Once you are in the folder that you would like to share, you will see the "Sharing" area on the right hand side of the screen. From there, it is easy to either invite collaborators, or to share the link to the folder.

Box Collaborators Image

To invite collaborators, simply press the blue "Invite People" button. From there, you'll be sent to the pop up invite screen, where you can add an email address, decide on permissions, and add a personal message for each collaborator.

Box Invite Collaborators Image

If you do not want to add people individually through box, you can click the "Share This Folder" button, which will then give you a link to the folder. This link can be shared with others, giving those who have it access to the folder.

Box Share Link Image

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