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Types of Docs

You can also download an add-on that will allow you to open a PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document and save all the changes directly to a file in box. You must, of course, have Microsoft Office in order to do this. A similar operation can be accomplished if you select Google Doc or Google Spreadsheet. For a full list of programs Box works with, take a look at Box Apps.

Need Some Help?

If you are having trouble figuring this out on your own, stop by the Scholarly Commons and we can assist you with your cloud computing needs, or send us an email.

Box also includes a help and FAQ page that may be able to answer your questions!

Web Work Space

Box is more than just an online storage facility. You can create and work on anything from web docs to Excel spreadsheets online with collaborators in real time. This page will help you get started creating and editing documents of all kinds.

Box's hosted doc is a basic web doc similar to a Google doc. Click "New" and select "Box Note."

Box New Note Image

You can also create a Box Note by pressing the  icon.

A box will pop up asking for a title and offer the opportunity to describe it.

Box Create Note Image

After you name your document, a new tab will open and you will be taken to the editor.  You can see below a snip from the tool bar. To share, press the "Share" button on the upper-right side of the screen.


New Bookmark

If you are familiar with bookmarking webpages in your browser, you can easily learn to bookmark webpages in Box. This is a good option for keeping all your content organized in one folder so you don't have to send a bunch of links in multiple emails to your collaborators. 

Click "New" and select "Bookmark."

Box Bookmark Option Image

A screen will then pop up asking for what website you want to bookmark, what its title is, and a short description to help keep things tidy.

Box Create New Bookmark

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