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Rhetoric 105: Online

A library guide for Rhetoric 105: Online

Strategies for Finding Statistics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Use the strategies and sources in the infographic below to get started finding statistics.

Strategies for Finding Statistics (Accessible View)

Before beginning a search, identify:

Timeline and Location

  • What time period are you interested in?
  • What geographic location are you interested in?
  • Statistics take time to collect and compile, so the most recently available data for a given topic may be older than you wish. 
  • For example, the most recent U.S. Census data is from 2010.

Publishers and Producers

  • Who would have an interest in collecting this information?
  • Publishers of statistics include government agencies, private corporations, industries, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. 
  • If you can't identify a potential publisher of information, statistics on your topic may be difficult to find.  

Places to Find Statistics:

Government Agencies

Library Databases

Web Sources

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